Veser Parquet Bulgaria

Parquets Design

We are able to provide advises, plans, wood choice and much more,
that fit the best with your particular situation.



In order to handle a project, the first step is getting infos such as How big is the project ? Which rooms ? How much people in here ? etc.


The second step is to take measurements very precisly with laser equipement, taking into account all specifities (water, electricity ...)


The key of the success for your interior is in the abaility of projecting how the final result will look like. Moreover, it makes choices easier.


For every project, we make proposition to our customer on every detail : wood species and colors, floorboard size... including pricing!

Wood hardness classification

  • A Class : little hard wood.
    Hardness between 10 and 20 N/Nmm.
    Species : Spruce, pine, fir and alder.
  • B Class : half hard wood.
    Hardness between 20 and 30 N/Nmm.
    Species : Brushed birch, teak, chestnut, larch, birch, walnut, pine and sipo.
  • C Class : hard wood.
    Hardness between 30 and 40 N/Nmm.
    Species : Afrormosia, oak, doussie, maple, eucalyptus, ash, Guatambu, beech, iroko, makore, moab, movingui, elm, hornbeam and locust.
  • D Class : very hard wood.
    Hardness over 40 N/Nmm.
    Species : Angelic cabreuva, Cumaru, ipe, jatoba, wenge and sucupira.

Which wood for which usage ?

  • Living-room, bedroom and kitchen : for those rooms, there are no particular need, the choice can be fully done on the beauty critera.
  • Bathroom and exterior : The parquet in a bathroom will suffer high humidity, and important humidity variations ! That why you need the wood from a tree that grew up under a high humidy climat. For example : Douglas or Teck.
  • Commercial and industrial needs : The high stress demands the best. Not only the tree species must be very hard, but in addition, it must be free of knots and defects.

A profession with passion and perfection

There are jobs that you cannot practice without an excelent know-how, making quality parquets is one of those. Our satisfaction is to be proud to be able to get the best finish result possible for a project, specially in small details.

Some people say they install parquets, but we excel in creating the best parquets.