Veser Parquet Bulgaria

We make beautiful parquets

Master craftsmen based in __type_location_here__, we practice the design, installation, sanding, vitrification and maintenance of floors the most remarkable. The requirement of our business and our experience has enabled us to accomplish great projects flooring. We work on small and large surfaces, with the same meticulous sense of detail.

Craftsmanship Great experience Timeliness

Your best insurance is the concrete presentation of our work
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Conception and advises

Design and choice of wood are probably the most important phases of a project!

Our expertise

Parquet installation

The work of an expert is your guarantee of quality, durability, and finish your floor

Our work

Vitrifcation and varnishing

The varnish is the top layer. It must be perfect because it suffered bumps and spots ...


Maintenance and care

Maintenance has allowed some parquet to be in good condition 300 years later!

Maintenance skills

They talk about us ...

Veser helped us in all phases of our project with good professionalism for flawless results. Good advices, trustable; I recommand their work to anyone who has an housing project


We offer individual access to the best quality materials the noblest and best techniques

Public places

requirement for high traffic areas requires materials and knowledge to every person that we already have in many projects